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Tungsten Evaporation Boats and Coils

Tungsten Evaporation Boats and Coils

Tungsten evaporation boats are ideal solutions to many thin film coating processes. They are probably the most popular evaporation sources due to their easy operation and wide choices of capacities. Tungsten evaporation boat produced by our company are surely of superior quality and moderate price for customers. We adopt excellent tungsten materials with high purity, advanced techniques and special treatments to the product surfaces.
Tungsten evaporation coil is a crucial part of an air conditioning and heat pump system. It can rapidly cool down or warm up when the air conditioning system starts. Connected with home ductwork, cool or warm air flows can be distributed throughout the room.
LTWM can produce tungsten evaporation boats and tungsten evaporation coils according to the customer drawing.

1. As a special and effective boat vessel, tungsten evaporation boats are widely used in electron-beam spraying as well as the sintering and annealing process in vacuum coating industries;
2. Tungsten evaporation boats are ideal for use in small evaporation systems for experimental and prototype work, such as bell jars;
3. Excluded air conditioning and heat pump applications, tungsten evaporation coil can also be used in military and light industries.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver tungsten evaporation boats and coils in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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