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Tungsten Rhenium Wire

Tungsten Rhenium Wire

Tungsten rhenium wire is a kind of alloy wire mainly containing tungsten and about 1% to 5% rhenium. To improve its thermal performance, tungsten rhenium wire also mixes some additives during sintering procession, such as Na2O, K2O, SiO2, Al2O3, etc. It possesses excellent properties of good strength, ductility and stability in both room temperature and high temperature. It also has high power resistance, low resistance coefficient, good performance of antioxidant and carbonization, good ability of anti-water cycle reaction as well as good welding performance.

1. Tungsten rhenium wires are widely used in heating elements for high temperature furnaces, thermocouples;
2. They are used for producing specific lighting filaments, thermo-sensitive elements for chromatograph;
3. Tungsten rhenium wires are also used for making heaters, grid wires for TV tubes and image-pick up tubes; 
4. They also can be applied in military electronic devices;

Production Process:
1. Raw materials preparation: tungsten powder and rhenium powder;
2. Raw material separation in separator;
3. Mixing in efficient mixing device for 10 to 24 hours;
4. Reduction treatments in three steps;
5. Second mixing for 8 to 20 hours;
6. Sintering and molding under hydrogen protection;
7. Rotary swaging and drawing;
8. End product.

Parameters of Tungsten Rhenium Wires:

Type Specific Application Remark
WAl-1Re 1.Used for heaters, grid wires of TV tubes;
2.Used for all kinds of electronic tubes and filament.
Standard configuration
W-25%Re Mainly adopted as thermocouple material, which has faster response and larger ranges of temperature measurement. Should be operated in inert, reducing atmosphere or covered with molybdenum alloy protection piles.

LTWM also provide tungsten rhenium wires according to the customer drawing.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver tungsten rhenium wires in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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