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Balancing weights are used to help balance rotating components or machinery. If not balanced properly, rotating components perform unbalanced centrifugal forces. As a rule, the faster a component rotates, the more critical balancing weights become. However, they may cause noise, wear, vibration and premature component failure. With the density ranges from 16.8g/cm3 to 18.8g/cm3, tungsten heavy alloy can be widely used as balancing weights.

1. Balancing weights can be used in racing cars, submarines and airplanes;
2. Used as crankshaft balances;
3. Used as oil drilling counterweight stem;
4. Balancing weights can be applied in mobile phones, game machines oscillator;
5. Applied in gyroscope in aerospace;
6. Applied in fishing and golf counterweight.

There are many different types of balancing weights, including balancing correction weight kits, balancing clips, balancing c-clamps, balancing machine drive belts and lead weights for balancing sheaves.