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Tungsten heavy alloy can be used as collimator or radiation shielding. LTWM offers high precision tungsten heavy alloy components according to customer's drawings and specifications.

Wide Applications:
1. Nuclear medicine: Radiation shielding can be used in PET Systems (PET dispensing system, PET syringe shields, PET/CT/PET-CT Collimator, PET vial shielding container) and radiotherapy (FDG transport container, primary & secondary collimator, muti-leaf collimator);
2. Borehole logging in the oil and gas industries: Data from gammy ray source radiation through the rock strata are collected and then analyzed to determine whether deposits of gas or oil are existed;
3. Pipe-line inspection: Radiation shielding can shield radiations from inspecting welds and detecting cracks in pipelines;
4. Industrial radiography: Tungsten heavy alloy can be applied as shield protecting operators from gamma radiation when detecting structural faults in metal and concrete;
5. Homeland security and border control: Radiation shielding can be used for shielding gamma radiation from detecting objects in cargo containers or airline luggage.