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Electric light source is an instrument or device for converting the electric energy to light energy. It is widely used in daily lighting, industry, agriculture, national defense, scientific research, etc. Since the end of 18th century, human began the research on electric light source. Nowadays the electric light source has entered into the new era of miniaturization and energy conservation. Electric light sources have many kinds, including incandescent light bulbs, arc lamps, high-pressure discharge lamps, LED (light emitting diodes), cold cathode fluorescent lamps and extreme ultraviolet light.

Electric light source can be divided into two categories:
1. Incoherent light source: can be further divided into light source and radiation;
2. Coherent light source (Laser): refer to lights with same frequency emitting waves and being ‘phase-linked’.

With excellent properties of high melting point, high temperature strength, excellent thermal conductivity, low vapor pressure as well as adjusted coefficient of thermal expansion, the superior quality tungsten and molybdenum components provided by LTWM are ideal materials for electric light source. We also provide tungsten and molybdenum components for electro vacuum applications.