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Electronic packaging refers to the enclosure of integrated circuit chips, passive devices, the fabrication of circuit cards and the production of a final product or system. In electronic systems, electronic packaging materials may serve as electrical conductors or insulators. They create structure and form, provide thermal paths and protect the circuits from environmental factors, such as moisture, contamination, hostile chemicals, and radiation. Therefore, electronic packaging materials are fairly important for signal and power transmission, heat dissipation, electromagnetic interference shielding. Tungsten and molybdenum products from LTWM could well support the production of electronic packaging materials.

Heat sink, also called heat dissipation, is an unavoidable by-product of micropower electronic devices and circuit. The heat sink could well dissipate the heat by transferring it to the surrounding air. Heat sink is designed to enlarge the contacting surface of the micropower electronic devices and circuits to the outer cooling air. Tungsten copper, as one of the most popular refractory metal based heat sink materials, is fabricated from vacuum infiltrated porous tungsten with molten copper. By adjusting the content of tungsten, LTWM can provide heat sinks with various coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) to meet the different requirements from Ceramics(Al2O3, BeO), Semiconductors(Si), metals(Kovar), etc.